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Meet Your New Third Wheel

I am not here just to show up with a camera and leave, I am all about the experience you two get. You don’t want a stranger showing up on your wedding day being in all the special moments with you. I value our relationship, so let's create together!

I Value Connection

I know, being in front of a camera is probably one of the scariest things, especially if you don’t know the person taking your photos. this is why I love being friends with my couples rather than strangers. I want my couples to feel 100% comfortable with me, so we can create the best version of you! I am all about guidance while shooting, not making you do cheesy, fake things but guiding you two in such a way that we only capture real moments.


Planning a wedding, especially if your doing it from afar can be stressful and scary. I know, I did it myself it's crazy but the best dang thing ever. I know it will be worth every second of planning but I want to make it even easier for you. I am here to help you with planning, and all the details. From start to finish lets create the best timeline that serves you, and your perfect day so we can capture it without stress.


Photography on your wedding day is everything, it is the one thing that will last through the generations, have you ever looked at your grandmothers, or even great grandmothers wedding photos when you were little and wonder how you would look on your wedding day? How your photos would be? To invest in your ideal wedding photographer is the best thing you could possibly do because all the party is over you’ll have the timeless images forever. 


Let's Schedule A Phone Call

I want to hear about your love story and your vision for your day.


I wanted to find someone that was able to shoot real photos and make it feel more like us than a staged photoshoot. After our engagement shoot in Maui we were so in love with all our photos, we felt like you captured us; our goofy, always seem to be laughing side. Having never met and only talking via text, email and a one-time phone call I couldn't believe how easy and natural it felt to be shooting with you. There was no awkward tension, we felt at ease and comfortable around you, which was so huge as my husband is usually slightly socially introverted. Seeing him open up and feel so natural was so amazing for me. For us it just felt like an instant, organic connection with you! So when we found out everything could work out for us to have you share our wedding day in Jasper with you, we were so relieved, and beyond excited! We were so beyond happy with our engagement photos that it is no doubt we are obviously in love with our jasper wedding photos; the natural light, airiness and easy flow and nature of them are incredible.

Thanks for Adventuring with us! Love Lauren + Cody

"...For us it just felt like an instant, organic connection with you!"

We pre-booked the shoot before arriving on Maui. Of course with my luck, the day of the engagement shoot we woke up to rain (the only day out of our entire trip that had unexpected rain). Tehani messaged me that morning to check-in and even offered to move the shoot to the following day to avoid the rain. She was still down to go for it with an umbrella in hand, but obviously wanted the best for us and to make sure we were happy with the whole experience. In the end, we decided to chance it… I had seen photos from one of Tehani’s previous shoots in pouring rain which still turned out amazing so I had no worries. Luckily it wasn’t raining by the time we got up to the trail, just foggy and a little muddy which we didn’t mind at all. We had a lot of fun as we were shooting. Usually, neither of us feel comfortable in front of a camera, but Tehani guided us through the whole thing. Everything felt natural and not awkward at all. A few days later Tehani sent us some teasers and we were so impressed with how well they turned out!! 

Love, Ashley + Charlie

"...Everything felt natural and not awkward at all."

When it comes to professional photography at your wedding in Maui, do not let anyone tell you it’s not worth it to spend money for quality! Tehani absolutely blew us away with her talent and attention to detail. I came across Tehani Bella Photography before I got engaged on Maui and I instantly knew that I wanted to have Tehani shoot my wedding one day. Although I knew she would be excellent, she absolutely exceeded all of our expectations! She made us feel completely ourselves in front of her lens and was able to capture such genuine and raw emotion in our photos. Especially the Olowalu wedding property We can’t thank her enough for being such a big part of our wedding day!

Thanks for caring about the details of our day! Ashley + Cory

"...Tehani absolutely blew us away with her talent and attention to detail."